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Fee Schedule


In cases with up to five paying parties, there is an initial fee of $700.00 per party which covers all normal procedural discussions, document preparation, scheduling and the first three hours of substantive hearing officer time. Additional time is billed at $400.00 per hour which is typically split between/among the parties.


In cases with more than five paying parties, the initial fee is $600.00 per party and the hourly fee per party for time beyond the initial three hours is $85.00. In some cases, the parties may agree to tiered fees depending on their relative interests in the matter.


Settlement Days: Insurance companies pay $3,000 per day.  There is no fee for plaintiffs unless their cases settle.  Alternatively, insurer's can pay on the same contingent basis as plaintiffs which is $600.00 for each case which settles within 75 days of its mediation.