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Crafting Creative Settlements Since 1983


Don Reder's Dispute Resolution, Inc.


Welcome to the new Dispute Resolution, Inc. web site. For those of you who don't know us, here's a thumbnail sketch. If you want to find out more, please check out our more in-depth History section.

I began DRI in 1983 after reading a series of articles regarding a variety of problems with our court system. Although many things have changed in that time, there are many things about mediation that continue to encourage and inspire me…and that hasn’t changed. I’ve seen the process work in thousands of cases of virtually every type and at every stage. I’ve helped clients settle relatively new and simple two party cases and have also assisted clients in resolving their cases the night before their jury trial was to begin. And I’ve dealt with gaps of all magnitudes from cases where parties were only a few thousand dollars apart to one notable commercial dispute where there was a billion dollar gap. Cases have ranged from two party personal injury cases to twenty-five party fire subrogation cases…and everything in between. Some resolutions are just about getting the parties to agree on a sum of money while others have involved much more complex settlements; resolutions which have re-created relationships, assisted in the healing process or just provided creative ways for adversaries to agree on a way of moving forward.

My caseload is reflective of the courts with the majority of hearings addressing some type of personal injury matter ranging from minor to grievous injury and death cases. The balance of cases involve construction, subrogation, malpractice, employment, commercial and just about any other type of dispute that can wind up in civil court.

Please look through the site to find out more, to learn about the various procedures available, pricing and, perhaps most importantly, what my clients have to say.

Thanks for visiting.

Don Reder, President