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What Our Clients Say About Our Services


These are excerpts from actual letters clients have sent following mediations with Don Reder.


"I believe Don is so effective because he adopts a very pro-active approach to the mediation process. Most mediators are content to have a one-day mediation session and send the parties on their way even if the case does not settle, but Don continued to work on my most recent case with him. He placed many phone calls and spent dozens of hours, arguing, cajoling, reasoning, and doing whatever else was necessary to get this large construction defect case settled. The case involved multiple parties, including the architect, the general contractor, the plumbing contractor and an insulating contractor. Needless to say, everyone was blaming everyone else. It is this dogged and committed approach that has achieved excellent results for me in two rather complex cases."


… Philadelphia Attorney – Construction Defect case


"Thank you for your extraordinary efforts in resolving the case. I was quite pessimistic that mediation could reap any results in this case in light of the personalities involved and the unusual legal issues underlying both liability and damage assessments. The fact that this case settled was solely the result of your expert handling of the mediation."


… New York Attorney – Medical Malpractice case


"You undertook the extensive preparation that is necessary to resolve a complex case. Your evaluations of witness credibility and of the strengths and weaknesses of the case on both sides were extremely helpful. You accurately perceived the psychologies of the parties and persuaded both sides of the fairness of the compromise you proposed."


… Connecticut Attorney – Employment case


"This is the second case I have been involved with where you served as mediator. What both cases had in common were some serious emotional undercurrents and a belief that going into mediation was, at best, a waste of time and maybe a bad idea. More than anything, what the two cases now share are parties who are pleased with the outcome."


… New Hampshire Attorney – Real Estate and Construction Design cases


"ou have demonstrated to me and my clients your competence in a number of critical areas…the ability to digest significant amounts of factual and technical information to get the necessary understanding to help achieve a rational resolution. I was impressed with your diligence in getting all parties to agree to mediation as well as your extremely effective management of this very complex matter. Your originality in creating unique procedural opportunities helped us get beyond the interpersonal issues and back to the deal-making. Your ongoing discussions and conceptualization of a mechanism for resolution helped us achieve that end."


… Connecticut Attorney-Multiple Personal Injury and Commercial cases


"DRI became involved in this highly contentious and complicated multi-party construction litigation after two years of discovery. Although one day of formal presentations failed to yield results, Mr. Reder maintained contact with all of the attorneys. Through his particular brand of creativity and gentle coercion, Mr. Reder convinced all the lawyers and their clients that there was common ground for a settlement satisfactory to everyone."


… Washington, D.C. Attorney – Construction case


"Now that some time has passed since our mediation, I can say that this case only settled because of your efforts. Your handling of the parties, respect for their positions and quick study of some very complicated legal principles unique to New Jersey were commendable."


… New Jersey Attorney-Major Medical Malpractice case


"The parties’ documents were voluminous; there were two cases, each factually and legally complex; and that complexity was magnified by the distinct interests of the two sets of defendants. In your customary competent fashion, however, you readily mastered the facts and legal issues and presided over a successful mediation. I particularly admired your adroit handling of the assembled learned counsel, one of whom presented an added layer of difficulty."


… Connecticut Attorney-Major Commercial case